The Green Card for living in the United States

The United States of America is the most coveted country in the world for foreign nationals wishing to immigrate. The Green Card is an opportunity for many foreigners to obtain the right to live and work in the United States.

What is the Green Card?

The Green Card is a permanent resident card for the United States. It allows foreign nationals to live and work permanently in the United States. The conditions for obtaining a Green Card depend on the reason for the application.

What’s in it for me?

The usefulness of the Green Card lies in the access it offers to the American territory and its vast job market. Every year, hundreds of thousands of applicants hope to obtain a Green Card to work in the United States.

How do I get a Green Card?

There are several ways to obtain a Green Card. The procedure depends on the reason for which the applicant is applying for an American resident card. Here are the four main reasons for obtaining a Green Card:

Each procedure is different in terms of the documentation and conditions required to obtain a Green Card.

When should I apply for a Green Card?

There are two different situations, depending on the type of Green Card requested.

  1. All Green Card applications, whether based on employment, sponsorship or marriage, can be made at any time of the year. As soon as the application is complete, the process begins.
  2. The American green card lottery only takes place once a year. The draw for the Green Card 2026 lottery takes place at the end of 2024. Registration for the lottery must be completed by the first week of November each year. During 2024, USCIS finalizes the process of awarding Green Cards won during the Green Card 2024 lottery campaign. It also continues to process the results of the Green Card 2025 lottery draw.

In all cases, the process of obtaining a Green Card includes a Green Card interview with a USCIS officer. Applicants must bring the original supporting documents for their Green Card application to the appointment.

How do I renew a Green Card?

To renew a Green Card, an I-90 form must be submitted to USCIS before the current card expires, usually every 10 years.

What does a Green Card look like?

As its name suggests, the Green Card is a green card. It looks like an ID card with the holder’s photo. This photo of the Green Card has special dimensions, as shown in the image below. It must be less than 6 months old when used to issue a Green Card.

image of a Green Card valid in 2024
Image of a Green Card for the USA

How much does a Green Card cost?

The procedure for obtaining a Green Card includes payment of a compulsory administrative fee. Green Card fees vary according to the type of Green Card requested.

Can I travel with a Green Card?

Green Card holders can travel to certain countries around the world with the same facilities as American passport holders. This opportunity to travel with a Green Card only applies to certain countries that have established specific agreements with the United States. Our main partners are geographically neighboring countries such as Canada and Mexico.